Solar Heater (soda can heater)

Over the last few days, the big news has been that Lowe’s will start carrying solar panels for sale for people wanting to install the panels themselves. While you can build your own solar panels for much cheaper, this is definitely a win for solar panels and green energy.

However, since winter is almost here, I have been working on the solar space heater (also known as a soda can heater, or beer can heater) and it is almost done. I am just waiting to collect a few more cans.

soda can heater

I watched a number of videos on how to connect the tubes, but finally decided that the best and easiest way was to cut off the bottoms of the cans and push one into another. At the other end I cut a hole in the bottom of the can and and put it in backwards to the others. This gives me can tops at both ends.

solar space heater-cans

For the intake and exhaust pipes I used expandable aluminum piping. This isn’t ideal as it is pretty weak when it expands, but it should help raise the temp a little more. Square rain pipe would be ideal, but it isn’t available here where I live.

solar space heater-intake

solar space heater-intake

Check out the pictures and leave comments if you have any questions. I will make another post once it is finished.