New Solar Panels for Sale: Nanosolar

One of the biggest set backs for solar panels has been the high costs that it takes to manufacture them. This in turn makes their retail cost very high. Well, not there is are some new solar panels for sale in the market by a company called Nanosolar.

Nanosolar’s focus has been to try and lower the cost of manufacturing the panels so they can easily be produced. They have done this by using a special ink to literally print the panels onto a sheet. According to Nanosolar they can make their panels for about a tenth of what it costs to make panels currently on the market today.

Check out the video below and let me know what you think.

  • Dan Robbiani says:

    Nanosolar has indeed a great product, however they are more anti-green by the simple fact that they do not sell or distribute their product to the general public. They sell to utility companies. Want to make the world a better place, make sure you get your new technology to the public, not the ones who hold us hostage.

  • John Tolbert says:

    Amen I have been waiting 10 yrs for these shmucks to do something right.Thankfully their tech is being surpassed by many others now with higher efficiencies and lower cost.

  • A.B.Ariyaratne says:

    Give me more details of Nano Solar Panels.What is the price. How to obtain them At what price. Who ra the distributors.I am from Srilanks.What is the closest location.

  • Merlin Little says:

    I am in full agreement with Dan’s comments. What about a resident who is off the grid and can’t get power from any existing power company due to the remoteness of his location? The company and media touted this product as the great energy miracle of the future for the American consumer. What a joke if it is not going to be available for sale to the general public. What is their reasoning? I am truly dissappointed in this company’s policies and motives.

  • Kevin M says:

    If the limit their market they will go the way of Beta (v VHS).

  • george farnsworth says:

    Why can’t someone posing as a utility company buy
    a huge pile of panels and then sell them to us?
    Its a free country?

  • Ben Jones says:

    I’ve been interested in solar for quite some time. As an EM (electricians mate) in the Navy’s nuclear field, program I have tons of scrap books w/ ideas/inventions etc. They’ve been ‘mothballed for quite some time because the cost v. efficiency ratio was just never there. Nanosolar is a glimmer of hope, but as others have mention, they want the average Joe to have go through 3 or 4(+ pay) along the way. That said, they still seemed to be the best technology available outside the labs.
    John Tolbert: “Thankfully their tech with higher efficiencies and lower cost.”
    What such companies/products do you speak of? Any and all help its greatly appreciated.