3M Solar Panels For Sale:

A new advancement in solar panel technology has been made, and there will be a new type of solar panels for sale available next year. 3M, a company who is greatly known for their ingenuity, has designed a solar panel film for sale that can be added to windows. This type of solar panel is a big step forward for solar panel technology, for a couple of reasons. The first is since it is basically a film, it can realistically be added almost anywhere. Second, is that it is different from most solar panels on the market in that it is made from organic materials rather than silicone. This means that it will be cheaper and also more sustainable.

The film is made by printing the organic photovoltaic material onto sheets that are then turned into film. This currently isn’t a cheap process, but will get cheaper the more they produce, and as the production methods get better. 

3M is currently planning to sell this solar panel film to companies and corporations and then move onto consumers once prices have come down. 

These solar panels for sale are only about 20% as efficient as the most efficient solar panels on the market, but have some benefits as well. Firstly, the manufacturing process should allow the panels to greatly drop in price over time. Secondly, the panels also block sunlight which act as a sunshade and can reduce temperatures. This can be very substantial for large corporate building and for homes a like. 

If you are looking at putting solar panels on your home, then you will want to watch when these solar panels go on sale. Especially once they get the manufacturing process at full scale and the prices start coming down. Since silicone is very expensive, this really could be one of the first “global” applications we see.