Solar Panels For Sale: Free Installation

I’ve written before that the solar panels for sale have gotten cheaper and cheaper, and that one of the largest costs is not the solar panels themselves, but actually the installation. For those who are willing to do the work (and have the knowhow) you can install them yourself and save a lot of money. For those who don’t, solar panels will end up costing a lot more. 

Companies are working to create more standard mounting hardware, which makes it both less expensive and easier to install. This hardware will be a one-size-fits-all for most houses making installation much easier. Unfortantely, this is still in the making.

There is another option however: get your installation free. A lot of governments offer grants, tax breaks, subsidies, and other means of help as a way to promote green energy. In this case, the government will pay for the installation (in many cases the larger part of the bill) if you pay for the solar panels. Not a bad deal considering you have a lower energy bill afterwards. This type of government help is making it possible for many people and small businesses a like, who otherwise would not be able to afford solar panels to have them installed. 

What does this mean for you. That if you thought you couldn’t afford to have solar panels installed on your home because they were too expensive, then you may want to check again. Check with your local government and find out what types of programs they are offering. It might just be enough for you to have solar panels installed on your home. If you are a DIYourselfer then you can also go the more hands on route and even make your own solar panels. You might finally be able to get rid of your power bill!