Cheaper Solar Cells may make for cheap solar panels

A new type of solar cell that gets it’s design from 20 years ago may be making it’s way into the market soon. The Gratzel cell is a solar cell that uses a conductive liquid instead of silicone. 20 years ago they couldn’t get the cell to work long term because the liquid would eat through the container holding it. It took a bit of thinking outside of the box, but they are now able to make this kind of cell work.

The downside, it is only about half as efficient as silicone solar panels. Why then could this solar panel prove to be important? Because solar panels using this new type of solar cell could be made cheaper. As we all know, silicone is in big demand and in limited supply. This makes it expensive. Solar panels made of material that doesn’t contain silicone will have an advantage of price and supply (assuming they are more common and aren’t more expensive than silicone). 

At this point they are still in the testing phase, but have been successful. They are now ready to start making larger solar cells. 

You can find the full article in International Business Times.

Cheap Solar Panels For Sale

For a lot of people the title of this post is a little bit of an oxymoron. Cheap and solar panels don’t really seem to go together. The prices of solar panels over the last few years have plummeted and it is true that they are cheaper than ever. And as a long term investment they are pretty great (especially for those living in a sunny area). However, even with the lowering costs, constant improvements in technology, and growing markets, having solar panels installed on your home can still be a bit expensive. Especially in an economy as we have at present. So what should someone do who really wants solar panels, but are not sure how to afford it? I had a question asked that is basically just this scenario.

“I’ve been interested in solar for quite some time. As an EM (electricians mate) in the Navy’s nuclear field, program I have tons of scrap books w/ ideas/inventions etc. They’ve been ‘mothballed for quite some time because the cost v. efficiency ratio was just never there. Nanosolar is a glimmer of hope, but as others have mention, they want the average Joe to have go through 3 or 4(+ pay) along the way. That said, they still seemed to be the best technology available outside the labs.
John Tolbert: “Thankfully their tech with higher efficiencies and lower cost.”
What such companies/products do you speak of? Any and all help its greatly appreciated.”

 Do the footwork

Find out what programs and incentives are available from your local and national government. You might be surprised at what is offered. You may be able to get a decent loan, tax rebate, or grant that makes solar panels affordable.

Trade dollars for hours

Do more of the work yourself and you can setup solar panels on your home for much less. There are a bunch of articles , books, and videos on how to install solar panels on your home. For those who want to go a step further and save even more, you can avoid the solar panels that are for sale and build your own solar panels. There are programs that will teach you how to do just that. They tell you what to buy, how to put them together, and how to install them. Making your own solar panels will require a lot more work, but it will save you a lot of money.

One of the most popular DIY solar programs is the Earth 4 Energy program (affil link). I think this is a great way to go and if you are willing to do a little bit of work then you can save a ton of money.

You can check out their program here: Earth 4 Energy (affil link).

Check out the links and find out how much you can save by building your solar panels.