Cheaper Solar Cells may make for cheap solar panels

A new type of solar cell that gets it’s design from 20 years ago may be making it’s way into the market soon. The Gratzel cell is a solar cell that uses a conductive liquid instead of silicone. 20 years ago they couldn’t get the cell to work long term because the liquid would eat through the container holding it. It took a bit of thinking outside of the box, but they are now able to make this kind of cell work.

The downside, it is only about half as efficient as silicone solar panels. Why then could this solar panel prove to be important? Because solar panels using this new type of solar cell could be made cheaper. As we all know, silicone is in big demand and in limited supply. This makes it expensive. Solar panels made of material that doesn’t contain silicone will have an advantage of price and supply (assuming they are more common and aren’t more expensive than silicone). 

At this point they are still in the testing phase, but have been successful. They are now ready to start making larger solar cells. 

You can find the full article in International Business Times.