Solar Panels with Higher Efficiency

One of the biggest disadvantages to solar panels for sale up to this point is that they have had pretty low efficiency rates. Basically meaning that the amount of energy they make compared to the amount of sun they get is limited. We’ll, a number of solar panel companies are working to increase that number, and Sharp is leading the way.

Sharp’s newest solar cell has a rate of 43.5% which is a pretty big increase over the previous record holder. Most solar panels for sale on the market today are much lower in the teens and twenties.

These constant breakthroughs will make solar panels a much more viable option for both businesses and homeowners and will help reduce costs over time. The more efficient the panels are, the fewer of them you will need to power your home or business. Once again bringing down the overall costs. Since you are making more electricity, you will also get a quicker return on investment.

There are a lot of people who say that solar panels just don’t make enough power. This of course all depends on where you live and how much sun you get. But as the solar panels improve, even those in cloudy areas or limited space will be able to use solar panels to power their houses.

Making it to 43.5% is a big step. I think it will only be a little while longer until we are seeing %50, and only a short while longer before the solar panels for sale on the market are also at around 50%. That means, quicker return on your money, less space needed, more power, and in time, lower costs.


Solar Panels For Sale: Your Options

There are many ways to go about getting your house on solar. The cheapest is of course to build your own solar panels and install them on your own home. This is by far the most labor intensive and requires the most time, but it is also the way to save the most money. There are programs like Earth 4 Energy that give you all of the details on how to build your own solar panels for a fraction of the cost.

The next option for cheap solar panels for sale is to purchase a solar panel kit and install it yourself. This still takes a bit of know how, but since the kit is basically complete, you don’t have to figure out what to purchase. A lot of the kits contain all the parts you need and you just need to find the best place to put them and then wire them into your home. You can find kits like this solar kit and connect them together to get even more power.

The last way, and easiest, though most expensive is to have a solar panel company install the solar panels for you. It will definitely be the most expensive, but for those who don’t have the time  or ability to install your own it is the way to go. You can try to lower the costs on this by finding out what types of programs the local government are offering. Their may be tax breaks, grants, subsidies, etc that will all bring down the final cost.

Regardless of your choice, there are a lot of solar panels for sale and the prices are getting pretty low. With the cost of energy prices right now, solar panels are a great option. Depending on the amount of sunlight available around your home and your power consumption, you may even be able to make money on your solar panels.



Cheaper Solar Cells may make for cheap solar panels

A new type of solar cell that gets it’s design from 20 years ago may be making it’s way into the market soon. The Gratzel cell is a solar cell that uses a conductive liquid instead of silicone. 20 years ago they couldn’t get the cell to work long term because the liquid would eat through the container holding it. It took a bit of thinking outside of the box, but they are now able to make this kind of cell work.

The downside, it is only about half as efficient as silicone solar panels. Why then could this solar panel prove to be important? Because solar panels using this new type of solar cell could be made cheaper. As we all know, silicone is in big demand and in limited supply. This makes it expensive. Solar panels made of material that doesn’t contain silicone will have an advantage of price and supply (assuming they are more common and aren’t more expensive than silicone). 

At this point they are still in the testing phase, but have been successful. They are now ready to start making larger solar cells. 

You can find the full article in International Business Times.

Cheap Solar Panels For Sale

For a lot of people the title of this post is a little bit of an oxymoron. Cheap and solar panels don’t really seem to go together. The prices of solar panels over the last few years have plummeted and it is true that they are cheaper than ever. And as a long term investment they are pretty great (especially for those living in a sunny area). However, even with the lowering costs, constant improvements in technology, and growing markets, having solar panels installed on your home can still be a bit expensive. Especially in an economy as we have at present. So what should someone do who really wants solar panels, but are not sure how to afford it? I had a question asked that is basically just this scenario.

“I’ve been interested in solar for quite some time. As an EM (electricians mate) in the Navy’s nuclear field, program I have tons of scrap books w/ ideas/inventions etc. They’ve been ‘mothballed for quite some time because the cost v. efficiency ratio was just never there. Nanosolar is a glimmer of hope, but as others have mention, they want the average Joe to have go through 3 or 4(+ pay) along the way. That said, they still seemed to be the best technology available outside the labs.
John Tolbert: “Thankfully their tech with higher efficiencies and lower cost.”
What such companies/products do you speak of? Any and all help its greatly appreciated.”

 Do the footwork

Find out what programs and incentives are available from your local and national government. You might be surprised at what is offered. You may be able to get a decent loan, tax rebate, or grant that makes solar panels affordable.

Trade dollars for hours

Do more of the work yourself and you can setup solar panels on your home for much less. There are a bunch of articles , books, and videos on how to install solar panels on your home. For those who want to go a step further and save even more, you can avoid the solar panels that are for sale and build your own solar panels. There are programs that will teach you how to do just that. They tell you what to buy, how to put them together, and how to install them. Making your own solar panels will require a lot more work, but it will save you a lot of money.

One of the most popular DIY solar programs is the Earth 4 Energy program (affil link). I think this is a great way to go and if you are willing to do a little bit of work then you can save a ton of money.

You can check out their program here: Earth 4 Energy (affil link).

Check out the links and find out how much you can save by building your solar panels.


Solar Panels For Sale: Sunforce Kit

There are a lot of people who say they would love to buy solar panels, but can’t afford them or just aren’t sure that it is a good investment. These are both valid reasons to keep on waiting. The number of solar panels for sale have increased greatly making it even more difficult (though less expensive) to choose the right solar panels. So if you are interested, but not 100% sure, then how about testing some cheap solar panels?

There are a number of kits on the market that include everything and are basically a DIY or premade kit. They can be setup and taken down quickly, and don’t take up too much space. These kits won’t provide power for your entire home, but they will give you enough to power a few appliances. You could actually combine several to get more power, but in that case there will be better options that are more cost effective.

Installing one of these kits is pretty simple and will help you learn just how well solar panels will work at your home. A couple of these can even be installed on RVs.

After you have installed the solar panels and decided that you would like to go bigger (completely get rid of your energy bill), then the next step is to check out your government and find out what kind of options you have. Getting them to pay for a large part of the bill will make the transition to solar power much easier.

The great way about setting up these solar panels is that even if you later go to a much larger service these won’t go to waste. You can set them up with your system for a little extra power or you can use them to power a seperate building or RV.

Solar Panels For Sale: Free Installation

I’ve written before that the solar panels for sale have gotten cheaper and cheaper, and that one of the largest costs is not the solar panels themselves, but actually the installation. For those who are willing to do the work (and have the knowhow) you can install them yourself and save a lot of money. For those who don’t, solar panels will end up costing a lot more. 

Companies are working to create more standard mounting hardware, which makes it both less expensive and easier to install. This hardware will be a one-size-fits-all for most houses making installation much easier. Unfortantely, this is still in the making.

There is another option however: get your installation free. A lot of governments offer grants, tax breaks, subsidies, and other means of help as a way to promote green energy. In this case, the government will pay for the installation (in many cases the larger part of the bill) if you pay for the solar panels. Not a bad deal considering you have a lower energy bill afterwards. This type of government help is making it possible for many people and small businesses a like, who otherwise would not be able to afford solar panels to have them installed. 

What does this mean for you. That if you thought you couldn’t afford to have solar panels installed on your home because they were too expensive, then you may want to check again. Check with your local government and find out what types of programs they are offering. It might just be enough for you to have solar panels installed on your home. If you are a DIYourselfer then you can also go the more hands on route and even make your own solar panels. You might finally be able to get rid of your power bill!

Solar Panels For Sale: Long Term Investment

Purchasing a new house is a long term investment. At least, it is in most cases. You have to put down a large sum of money and then you slowly make it back as you save on rent and as the price of your home goes up. This is also the same case for solar panels. You have to put down a large sum of money to purchase and install the solar panels, and then over time you make that money back by not having to pay an electric bill. This article will cover a few simple tips on how to reduce the initial purchase and your payback time.

Do your research

This actually covers two different aspects. The first is knowing what kind of solar panel is best for your home. There are a lot of solar panels for sale at a number of prices. Cheapest doesn’t always mean the best. Look at wattage per square foot. This will give you a comparable value. In addition, find out how many panels you will need. There is no reason to pay extra unless you are planning to sell energy back to the power company. Upgrading a few appliances might save you some money on unneeded solar panels.

Check your local government. They will have a lot of helpful information, and you may also be able to apply for rebates and or loans that will help lower the price and make obtaining solar panels easier. You can find a lot of info here. This solar panel guide might also help.

Shop around. Don’t go with the first company you contact. Solar panels are getting more popular and there are now more companies installing them. Check with all the companies in your area.

What can you do yourself

With a little bit of research and work, you might be able to to do all or at least some of the work yourself. Since the cost of solar panels has gone down, installation is now one of the biggest costs. Doing the work yourself can substantially lower this.

Solar panels aren’t ideal for everyone, but for those that do get sun, they can be a great alternative to an energy bill.

Solar Panel Electricity: A really green house

What happens when you take the best technology and combine it with solar panels and an xbox kinect? You get a house that recently won the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon. The house (CHIP)is powered by solar panels and makes over three times the energy that the house needs. This gives it ample power to run additional items like charging electric cars or electrical yard appliances.  The roof also has the ability to change shape allowing the solar panels to get the maximum amount of sunlight each day.

The entire house is controlled by the xbox kinect (a camera that can movement) and change the house accordingly. Shutting off the lights as someone leaves the room.

You can find more on the CHIP here: CHIP

RV Solar Panels

Choosing the right solar panels can be difficult. There are a lot of solar panels for sale on the market today, and they come in a lot of shapes, applications, and efficiencies. Choosing the right ones can get even more difficult when you are looking for RV solar panels.

So why should you choose solar panels for your RV?

  • You don’t have to worry about having gas for the generator
  • No maintanence
  • Solar panels are clean and provide sustainable energy
  • Over time solar panels will pay for themselves and then you will be getting free energy
  • Solar panels are don’t make any noise
  • Ability to stay long periods in remote locations without the need for a power source

When you are buying home solar panels you have more space available and the panels will most likely not be moving. With RV solar panels however, you have limited space and must also consider the abuse that the panels and system will be submitted to when you are driving and when you are parked. In addition, home solar panels may not be your only form of energy. An RV allows you to visit more remote areas and solar panels might be your only form of electricity. Even if you have a generator, you are on vacation. Who wants to listen to a gas engine running the entire time?

You want a system that will allow you to run all of your appliances. This means TV, AC, Microwave, Radio, etc. You are going to need a bit of power. In addition, you want this to be something that you can install yourself. A complete kit will make the entire process much simpler. Even if you are a DIY kind of person.

One such setup is the Weekender by Go Power. The weekender is an RV solar panel setup that is designed with the traveler in mind. It is sold as a kit so that you can install the solar panels and get travelling rather than focus on what different parts you need. It also has the ability to add additional panels to increase the amount of watts if you need more power.


How Solar Panels Work

In the last few years, solar panels have really hit the mainstream. There are more solar panels for sale than there have ever been. But, do you know how solar panels work? We all know that they convert sunlight into electricity, but how does this really happen? Almost all of us have used calculators powered by solar panels. We know if we cover up the light that the calculator stops working. So what’s really taking place.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Solar cells are also known as photovoltaic (PV) cells. The word photo means “light” and the word voltaic means “electricity”. Put it together and you get light electricity.

Solar Cells are made from materials called semi-conductors. The most common are made of silicone, but we are also starting to see organic materials being used as well. When light hits the semi-conductor a portion of that light gets absorbed. This process discharges electrons. Using an electric field these electrons are forced to move in a cetain direction which gives them current. The amount of current with the amount of voltage (free electrons) determines how many watts the solar panel produces.

Medal conductors can then be attached to the solar panels to allow the electricity to be drawn from the panel to a place where it can be either used or stored.

So now that you know how solar panels work, what does it mean for you? It means you can recognize what’s important. As you can see, the more sunlight that a panel can absorb, the more free electrons you will have, and the more energy the solar panel will make. This is generally referred to as the solar panels efficiency. A solar panel that can absorb 20% of sunlight will make more electricity (produce more watts) than one that only absorbs 13%.

Currently the highest efficiency solar panels are being made out of silicone. The problem is that silicone is a limited resource and so is getting more and more expensive. In the last few years however, we are also seeing solar panels being made out of sustainable organic materials. These aren’t as efficient as the silicone solar panels, but they are relatively new and will improve over time.

Due to improved efficiencies and improved manufacturing processes, solar panels cost about a quarter of what they did just a couple of years ago.

If you check out the prices of solar panels for sale a long with discounts from the government, you may find that you can finally get rid of your energy bill.