RV Solar Panels

Choosing the right solar panels can be difficult. There are a lot of solar panels for sale on the market today, and they come in a lot of shapes, applications, and efficiencies. Choosing the right ones can get even more difficult when you are looking for RV solar panels.

So why should you choose solar panels for your RV?

  • You don’t have to worry about having gas for the generator
  • No maintanence
  • Solar panels are clean and provide sustainable energy
  • Over time solar panels will pay for themselves and then you will be getting free energy
  • Solar panels are don’t make any noise
  • Ability to stay long periods in remote locations without the need for a power source

When you are buying home solar panels you have more space available and the panels will most likely not be moving. With RV solar panels however, you have limited space and must also consider the abuse that the panels and system will be submitted to when you are driving and when you are parked. In addition, home solar panels may not be your only form of energy. An RV allows you to visit more remote areas and solar panels might be your only form of electricity. Even if you have a generator, you are on vacation. Who wants to listen to a gas engine running the entire time?

You want a system that will allow you to run all of your appliances. This means TV, AC, Microwave, Radio, etc. You are going to need a bit of power. In addition, you want this to be something that you can install yourself. A complete kit will make the entire process much simpler. Even if you are a DIY kind of person.

One such setup is the Weekender by Go Power. The weekender is an RV solar panel setup that is designed with the traveler in mind. It is sold as a kit so that you can install the solar panels and get travelling rather than focus on what different parts you need. It also has the ability to add additional panels to increase the amount of watts if you need more power.


RV Solar Panels

When you want to use solar panel electricity to power your house, you consider things like cost per watt, overall price, ease of installation, best location, and maintenance. When looking at the amount of power we will need to power an entire house, cost per watt and overall cost are especially important. We can be much more flexible on the type of panels we choose and where we put them. When it comes to RV solar panels we have a whole new set of criteria we should use.

While all of the criteria I have mentioned above are still important, the order of importance tends to change a bit. Since we are in an RV our space is limited. So more than cost per watt, we have to care about watt per inch. There won’t be a lot of space to mount solar panels on your RV, so you are going to need small solar panels that provide the maximum amount of power. In addition, you will want something that is designed to hold up to rough conditions. When you put solar panels on your house you can choose where to put them and make sure they are protected. You don’t always have that benefit with RV Solar panels, so durability is very important.

Now, as I’ve mentioned before, because of the recent improvements in solar panel technology and the increase in demand the number of small solar panels for sale have been increasing. So have the number and types of RV solar panels. This is a good thing!

There are couple of options. One is to go with a complete kit. Basically, you just choose the amount of watts you want and then mount it up to your RV. The kits come pretty much ready made and can be installed very easily by anyone. Before buying a kit make sure you know how much power you will need. The below kit is an RV solar panel that is designed for flat mount and comes ready to install.

Go Power Solar Panel

Another option is to buy the RV solar panels separate and set up the system yourself. There are a lot of solar panels to choose from, but if you are looking for something durable, then take a look at the  link below which is a non-glass solar panel designed to be highly durable and almost unbreakable. This is a smaller panel however, so you will need a couple if you are looking to power your entire RV.

Frameless RV solar panel