Solar Space Heater: Using Solar Power To Heat Your House in the Winter

A full sun eclipse - 3d render

The focus of Solar Panels for Sale is to discuss how to purchase, find, or make solar panels for your house. However, since we are now coming into the coldest months of the year, I wanted to talk a little bit about heating your house. If you already have solar panels or are in the process of building them, then they will be able to run an electric heater to keep your house warm. Lately, I have come across another way to use the suns energy to heat your house, a solar space heater (also known as a beer can heater or soda can heater.

The basic idea of s solar space heater is to use the sun to heat up a air as it which can then be fed into your house. In this case, soda cans are spray painted back to catch more of the suns rays and as the air passes through them it is heated. Since hot air rises, cool air is automatically pulled in from the bottom and hot air is pushed out from the top. A lot of people also use fans to pump additional air.

I have started making mine, and overall the projet has cost about $15 in supplies. This is buying everything new here in Japan. I think it could be built for much less in the US and especially if you have scrap materials laying around. Here is my frame so far. Now I am just waiting to collect more cans. ( I have been encouraging my friends to drink more…it’s for the environment right?).

Fram and backing for solar space heater
Frame and backing for solar space heater

The pine frame cost about $5 and the backing is piece of corrugated plastic. I choose it because it was cheaper than wood and I am hoping will provide a bit of installation. I will continue to keep taking pictures and give more details once it is built. I will also give the results once I have it hooked up to the house (just have to get those cans).

In the meantime, check out the videos below for details and ideas. If you have built your own or are going to give it a try please post comments and let me know how it goes.

I think this one is particularly well made and designed.