Solar Panels with Higher Efficiency

One of the biggest disadvantages to¬†solar panels for sale up to this point is that they have had pretty low efficiency rates. Basically meaning that the amount of energy they make compared to the amount of sun they get is limited. We’ll, a number of solar panel companies are working to increase that number, and Sharp is leading the way.

Sharp’s newest solar cell has a rate of 43.5% which is a pretty big increase over the previous record holder. Most solar panels for sale on the market today are much lower in the teens and twenties.

These constant breakthroughs will make solar panels a much more viable option for both businesses and homeowners and will help reduce costs over time. The more efficient the panels are, the fewer of them you will need to power your home or business. Once again bringing down the overall costs. Since you are making more electricity, you will also get a quicker return on investment.

There are a lot of people who say that solar panels just don’t make enough power. This of course all depends on where you live and how much sun you get. But as the solar panels improve, even those in cloudy areas or limited space will be able to use solar panels to power their houses.

Making it to 43.5% is a big step. I think it will only be a little while longer until we are seeing %50, and only a short while longer before the solar panels for sale on the market are also at around 50%. That means, quicker return on your money, less space needed, more power, and in time, lower costs.


More Solar Panels for Sale

The more solar panels for sale the better. The more companies who enter the market the better. If there are more companies competing to sell their solar panels, then the consumers win. If there is only one company, then they get to pretty much charge what they want, but as more and more companies enter the market, the prices come down due to competition and improved products.

This is why it is great news that Q-Cells, a German Solar Company has entered the US market to sell their solar panels. Their main products is a flexible film solar panel that directly competes with First Solar’s flexible solar panels.

However, Q-Cells claims that their solar panels are more efficient, absorbing 13% to First Solar’s 11.7% efficiency. Q-Cell said their thin flexible solar panels are good for houses that do not get as much direct sunlight, and that they panels are more durable than competing solar panels.

So if you are in the market for solar panels, then you have one more option to consider. I believe that the competition will continue to increase and we will see more and more competition in the solar panel market.